Finding More With Less

Happy Holidays!

I wanted to thank you for your energy and support this year. I realized when I was reflecting on 2017 that this is the time of year when you typically see a lot of realtors posting numbers and revenue and celebrating the fruits of all their hard work. And even if we don’t share these numbers, we reflect on our successes as we head toward a new year. As I reflected on the abundance I created, I had this moment of clarity that the numbers—number of deals, revenue, dollars—are a fun and exciting thing to celebrate; however, I was more excited about what I learned from being more while having less.

In 2017, I made less than the previous two years. While I did a lot of deals and worked as hard as I ever have, it didn’t have the same financial result as I experienced in 2015 and 2016. But at the same time, I have never felt happier or more secure. All of this coincided with my husband starting a business, which requires more investment than revenue in the early years. At times this was stressful, frustrating, and I found myself living more in doubt and worry than in joy and abundance. So… I, we, shifted. In doing so, we spent less and became more mindful of where our money was going. What felt punitive or limiting at first, became a freeing and enlightening experience.

We realized how easily we bought and consumed things we truly do not need. We eliminated a layer of “stuff” that actually simplified our lives. We stopped eating out as often. We started being smarter about the food we bought and how we ate, being more mindful with portions, and working to use everything we brought home. Along the way, I learned I was saying yes to pretty much everything my sweet little children wanted instead of teaching them to be thoughtful in what they choose and feel grateful for all the amazing things we have. We stopped shopping completely and found we already have everything we need. Yet, when we wanted something and it honored us, we bought it.


Through this journey that started in a negative and heavy space, we shed layers — not just layers of stuff, but layers of beliefs that we needed or deserved certain things. We became happy with less because having more was not honoring or feeding us like we thought it was. Instead, we started feeding ourselves from the inside out with our own happiness, joy, and worth. We became excited to stay in, watch movies, and create memories as a family. Grateful for our house, our neighborhood, the weather, our friends; we slowed down and we started to see the smallest offerings as universal gifts. And while the journey continues, we have come to a more positive and light space. 

Through this holiday season and all of 2018, I wish you joy and abundance. I am extremely grateful for you and look forward to sharing with you and seeing you in the next year. 

With love,