Simplicity Is Hard

Hi Friends,

Kris McLaughlin The Mindful Agent

I have a friend who decided to pick one thing to improve her health and commit to it, which inspired me to do the same. She chose to drink eight glasses of water a day; I chose to meditate and journal every day. I am still not at 100%, but the daily commitment is helping me get better. We have been supporting each other through this and are both amused by the fact that it takes all of this support to do something simple that we know enhances our lives for the better. She joked, “I had to announce to social media and get accountability partners to drink eight glasses of water a day, yet I can drink eight glasses of wine at dinner no problem!” So, I’m laughing and left thinking: Why is it so much harder to do the simple things that we know improve our lives, and so much easier to passively medicate, consume or be disconnected?

I do not have the full answer to this yet, but, in thinking it through for myself, I reflected on the past three years of intentionally working to improve my ‘self’. I started to realize that my actions weren’t always matching my words. An example would be that I would talk about how great and life-changing meditation is to anyone who wanted to listen, but I personally wasn’t doing it consistently or taking it to the next level. Another example would be going through the expected motions of a real estate transaction and not tuning in to a thought or instinct about a better way to get to the end goal—something as simple as meeting in person instead of on the phone.

This led me to observe if my words matched my thoughts. And BOOM, there was a wake-up call. My thoughts were scattered, constant, frazzled at times, and both positive and negative. When I really tuned in to the soundtrack that was constantly running behind the "to do" lists and top-of-mind items for the day, there was a lot of worry, what if’s, fear, judgment, and doubt. 

By recognizing the negative soundtrack that was running in my mind, I was able to quiet it and gain more clarity on the kind of thoughts I want to have. This has created a much simpler and mindful way to live and do business.

Thoughts = Words = Actions

It is possible to turn the volume down and get quieter. It is possible to shift your thoughts. This will shift your words and create the opportunity for new actions in your life, like drinking those eight glasses of water a day or whatever that is for you right now. For me, this led to creating my first real estate website.

I am excited to share it with all of you and welcome any feedback. I will be adding resources and videos, so be sure to check back in. You can also read or share my personal experiences and expertise on the blog.

Now, it is invigorating to see the work that has helped shift my thoughts and bring my words and actions into alignment. I have gotten really clear on the kind of person and business person I want to be and share with you. Thank you for your part in this journey.

Much Gratitude,

P.S. I would love to hear from you about what your daily commitment will be if you decide to take the challenge!