In today’s day and age, real estate is getting more and more complicated with all the different moving parts and people. There are websites, apps, and agents everywhere you turn, along with a lot of buyers and sellers. It can be difficult to differentiate between all the noise and who is going to be the best fit for you. Yet, it’s now more important than ever to not only have an agent who has several years of experience in the industry and knows how to negotiate transactions but to have an agent who can handle transactions with a mindful approach. That’s where the Mindful Agent was born.

I have been a real estate agent in the Phoenix area for over 12 years, so the question is not if I can successfully sell your home or find you a home; that I can do. The question is:

What kind of experience do you want to have?

My goal as the Mindful Agent is to partner with you to elevate your experience. After all, this is one of the biggest decisions of your life and you want it to be a beautiful and enjoyable occasion. While it is a big deal, it doesn’t have to be stressful. Stress usually comes for two reasons: either you don’t have trust in your realtor or you don’t have trust in yourself. So, I am here to ensure that you have trust in both. Furthermore, the fact that you’re buying or selling a home means that you’ve done a lot of great things in your life to get to this point. As your agent, I will reinforce that and use that as fuel to create an elevated and empowering experience. I hold space for every client to celebrate this and to celebrate themselves through this real estate journey.

What is currently missing from the real estate market is a good partnership between the agent and the client. That’s why I am not here to just get your business and meet your needs, I am here to create a partnership. We will sell or find you a home, but first and foremost, we will create mutual trust, mutual respect, and mutual understanding. This leads to clear and mindful communication where we’re both going the same direction, at the same speed, at the same time.

What that ultimately creates is the best outcome you can possibly have—one where we’re finding the homes you’re wanting to find, drawing in the buyers for your home, and having a smooth, stress-free transaction. When you partner with me, it isn’t just about the awesome destination we'll arrive at, it’s about the amazing journey we will take getting there.

Mindful Agent Real Estate Arcadia Phoenix Arizona

I live in the same neighborhood I serve and my intention is to elevate your real estate experience. I love partnering with my clients to create a smart, well-negotiated and smooth real estate transaction through a mindful approach.
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Mindful Agent VS. Non-Mindful Agent

✅  Partnership with mutual trust
✅  Focused on the experience and serving you
✅  Clear communication
✅  Takes time with you
✅  Listens to your wants and needs
✅  Present with you
✅  Honors how big of a moment this is for you
✅  Calm and collected every step of the way

❌  Power struggle between the agent and the client
❌  Not mentally or emotionally invested in the deal
❌  Forgets that you don't do this every day and doesn’t explain things
❌  Takes the easy route of “you should do this, sign here.”
❌  Ignores your wants and needs
❌  Distracted by the many clients and calls
❌  Doesn't appreciate the importance of your big moment
❌  Remains in a hyper or reactive state throughout the process

Sold Homes // Happy Partnerships

“Kris exceeded every expectation I had. I have worked with a few other realtors over the past several years, and not one provided the level of service that Kris did in representing us.”