It's 11/11/17!!

Happy 11/11/17!

I hope you are enjoying an amazing Saturday and this awesome weather. 

Have you ever looked at the clock when it’s 11:11 and made a wish? I’ve spent my whole life as far back as I can remember doing this, but recently learned the deeper and more universal message behind this magical time. 11:11 is a powerful number sequence in numerology and is a sign from the universe that angels are with you. Since today is 11/11 and there is a 1 in 2017 (even more powerful), you can use today to create some beautiful wishes / goals / intentions / manifestations for your life.

Whether you already write goals for yourself or your business or have actually never even thought about writing goals — this could be a fun way to approach them from a different space or an easy way to get started. In the link below you will find more info on the date and a step-by-step guide on how to take advantage of 11/11. :)

I did this exercise this morning and wanted to share what I received from it: My intention is to allow myself to feel light, happy & free so I can be unleashed to create massive abundance.