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Dear Friends,

As we are settling into 2019, I trust that you are enjoying our beautiful Arizona winter and you are having an excellent year so far. I love that the new year brings a refreshing energy and it is a perfect time to check on my intentions and goals. Instead of making a list of resolutions, I have chosen a word of inspiration for the year. My word for 2019 is Elevate.

I am working to let this word permeate throughout all the cylinders of my life. Now that sounds like a lot, which is why it’s best to begin with one cylinder and start small. So this week I focused on elevating my daily interactions, especially those that are on autopilot—the interactions with people you tend to see daily, around the same time, and in the same way (think the server at the coffee shop, the person at the front desk, etc.). To elevate these experiences, I set an intention to leave anyone I interacted with a little lighter. And, guess what happened to me? I feel lighter.

Even the smallest shift can have a huge impact on you and those around you. It may feel hard at first or like a stretch, but what is new becomes routine, what is routine becomes a habit, and what is habit becomes reality. Then, you get to elevate again. It is a continual circle of being better humans to ourselves and to others. So, what can you elevate in your life or work?

One of the ways I am elevating my business in 2019 is with the creation of an official Mindful Agent logo. I am excited to continue bringing mindfulness to my work, and the Mindful Agent logo is the perfect branding to support my intentions in business and serving my clients. Check it out at the top of this post or in the featured image below!

The second way I want to elevate in my business is to be more connected to you and to the amazing things we are doing in our community. I have started with making an effort to support other local businesses. I have been buying meat from Arcadia Meat Market instead of Sprouts, English muffins from LGO instead of pre-packaged, water from the Water Connection, and the list goes on. I’m actually elevating that commitment to local businesses through my friend, Kris Kainess. I started supporting her about a year ago, as she was solidifying her business ideas that have now been realized in a blog and website called Little Dot Big Difference. Little Dot goes behind the scenes of our beloved Arcadia locals who are building brands and creating value and service in our community. Kris tells their stories and shines a light on the individuals behind local spots you know and love. When Kris approached me to be a sponsor of Little Dot, I couldn’t think of a better way to #supportlocal through my business, in my community and collaborate with someone with whom I align.

As a partner, she did a little Q&A with me that you can read.

If you are interested in learning more about our local business community, you can sign up for her monthly email at the bottom of this page.

With that being said, please send me any exciting ventures you have going on! I would also love to hear your word for 2019 (if you have one and would like to share it). The energy of 2019 is inspiration and community, and we can come together to strengthen both of those. Thank you for your ongoing support and know that I am supporting your growth and would love to hear about it!

Happy elevating :)