Manifesting 101

Dear Friends,

Recently, I have been teaching a manifesting class to realtors called Manifesting 101: Reaching Your 2019 Business Goals. It has been incredibly powerful to share this information, so I wanted to share it with you too. What’s been really amazing is that, while this was created from a professional space, it is totally applicable to personal life as well. It is a holistic practice that you can use in any part of your life.

Now, the cool thing about this class is I was able to create a tactical definition for manifesting, so you leave the class with tools to implement into your daily life or business practices—instead of just a chant and burning sage (though I love doing that too!). The class centers around a definition of manifesting that I created. Here it goes:

Manifesting is Consistent Daily Action that Reinforces a Specific Goal.

Sounds simple. And it is, but simple doesn’t mean easy. In the class, we dive into each one of these powerful words. They are all critical individually and to each other in order to achieve the goals you have set out.

One word, in particular, has resonated with a lot of people: Daily. Seems pretty obvious… do the practice every day. And that is true. But, when we dive deeper into Daily, we talk about incorporating your manifestation work into something you already do, like brushing your teeth or sitting at a stop light. Typically, while we do these activities our minds run free with random thoughts and to do lists that are going to take care of themselves anyway. Why not use this time to put your mind to work for you?

Even further, I discovered some research that says humans have 12,000 thoughts per day! That’s on the low end and has been found to actually go as high as 65,000 thoughts per day, but we will stick with the lowest number because it is still so powerful. So 12,000 thoughts per day is 500 thoughts per hour. Of these, 80% are negative and 95% are repetitive! This blows my mind. If 80% of the thoughts we have are negative and 95% are repetitive, not only are we creating negativity but are constantly reinforcing it.

This sounds like a downer, but the awesome thing about the brain is even if you can only capture 15 minutes a day to intentionally create 125 thoughts that are positive, it can create a major shift in the mind and in your life. The more consistent you are with this daily practice to reinforce the specific goals you are working on, the more your brain shifts to this kind of thinking. Maybe it’s as simple as saying “I am happy” or “I am powerful” or “I am pure love” and breathing in those feelings. Or, maybe it’s more specific “I create happiness in every interaction I have” or “I will make $500,000 this year by doing something I love”. Either way, when you connect your breath and intentional thinking, you have the power to use your mind to manifest anything you want in life.

If you’re not sure where to begin, at least start with monitoring your thoughts and taking stock of what percentage of your thoughts are negative. As human beings, we are born wired to constantly scan for threats and we have a built-in fight-or-flight response system. That is how we survived to get to a more civilized world. But, most of us don’t need to constantly worry about threats to our livelihood at this point. In the modern world, we are channeling our fight-or-flight instincts into negative self-talk, low self-esteem, and anxiety. Whether you want to manifest something big, small, or just work on cutting out the negative thoughts, this training helps shift the mind to instead scan for positive reinforcement of the things we want in our lives. It is a powerful tool to bring joy and happiness into your life.

Please reach out with ANY questions. There is so much more to share on this topic! If you would like to see the whole class, reach out and I’ll let you know the next time I am sharing this information.

With gratitude & positive thoughts for you,