Going Through The Motions

Mindful Agent Real Estate

Hi Friends,

I wanted to share an awesome experience I had this week... Someone I didn’t expect acted as a mirror for me in such a lovely way. Based on the resulting perspective and growth I felt, I think this could act as a mirror for you too.

About a week ago, I was in our brokerage’s leadership meeting discussing the sales cycle for real estate agents. There was a question of what we can do to support newer agents, so we were brainstorming their experience and practices, particularly in the first five years. As we were digging into the actions agents take in their businesses, we got stuck on something:

How could someone do all of the same actions that they did the year prior, but have completely different production results?

Usually, if you take actions that create results and you continue the actions, then the results should also continue. Of course, there are always variables like local market conditions and financial trends—but something else seemed to be at play. I had definitely experienced this in my business. I remember taking all the same actions, but not getting the same results. When I analyzed where I was off track, I realized that I was just going through the motions. I was doing the open houses and outreach, but the intention, presence, and energy I was bringing to the actions had diminished. When I shared this in the meeting, another agent who is extremely analytical and runs a very successful business couldn’t wrap his head around this concept.

Actions = Results. Period.

I went into more detail, which he took with a silent but receptive nod. Then yesterday I received a voicemail from him thanking me for waking him up to the fact that he was, in fact, going through the motions in his business. He said he began noticing that the intention and energy he used to bring to his actions just wasn’t there. So, he started being more present and bringing that intention back to each small, individual action and that things “feel so different now”. Finally, he thanked me for the impact my words had on his experience.

As I held this up as a mirror for myself, my reflection and the message brought a big realization. All of my moments in between business are lacking an exuberant intention, energy, and—at the core—are lacking presence.

The same drive to and from school, the store, or the office. Buying the same food at the store on autopilot. Making the same meals over and over with no thought to variation or what the body really wants to eat. Passive conversations with store clerks, yoga teachers, coworkers, and friends I run into randomly… All lacking true presence. I am incredibly intentional in my business, but I had lost that spark in all of the “in-betweens”.

Think about it, when I am present and intentional with every action in my business I get amazing results. What magical moments or results am I missing in my life by not being present and intentional? I am so grateful that this agent shared his awakening and thanks with me because he, in turn, woke me up a little more.

Sending this to you as a mirror so that you may take something positive from it as well.

Much love,